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BBQ Attachment for Hog Master HM-08

 The Spitting Pig BBQ accessory has proven to be one of the most successful and popular additions to the machine since its introduction. The BBQ plate essentially adds another dimension to the machine increasing the variety of food products that can be cooked from the product. It converts the hog or spit roast machine into a fully working BBQ with unrivalled capacity. The user removes the hog or spit accessory kits and places the BBQ plate on top of the base of the unit, it is recessed meaning it works nearer to the heat enabling a better cooking process. The burner is then used to heat up the plate upon which a large variety of food items can be cooked. Perfect for burgers, sausages, fish, steaks, kebabs and much much more the BBQ plate allows the user to caterer for large numbers with minimum hassle. It incorporates both a fluted and solid side that is made of stainless steel meaning the product is easy to clean and looks fantastic.


1 x bbq plate
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