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Carving Tray - Platinum PL-22

The carving tray forms part of the Spit Roast kit and is only used during the serving process. Once the pig or lamb is cooked in the base of the machine the doors can be removed and the spit can be raised up onto the upright aerials. Then the carving tray can be slid underneath in order to provide an area for the user to carve on. The burners can be turned back on to heat up the carving tray in order to keep food items warm whilst carving. The carving tray completely covers the base are of the machine and therefore can store a large amount of meat making it easy to cater for large numbers. Made entirely from stainless steel the carving tray is strong, durable, looks great and is easy to clean. The carving tray is designed fit both the Titan and Zeus base.
1 x carving tray 
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