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Claw Spit Pole Attachment (Spit Version Only) - Platinum SPT-08a

The claw spit pole attachment is an essential piece of equipment when using the Spit Roast accessory kit. The claw is only used during the service process when the pig or lamb is raised up from the base of the machine to sit on the aerials where the doors are usually placed during the cooking process. Once the pole is placed on the aerials the claw is then slid onto the end of the pole and tightened in order to secure the pig or lamb in place and make carving simple. Whilst carving the claw can be loosened and the pig rotated to make getting to those hard to reach places easy. The fully stainless steel design means the product is not on durable but food safe and easy to clean. The claw comes complete with a 17mm screw needed in order to secure the attachment to the spit pole. The claw is designed to fit the Spitting Pig spit pole which is 25mm in diameter.


1 x claw spit pole attachment
1 x 17mm screw

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