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Complete Chicken Spit - Titan/Zeus MK6 CS-01

A fantastic accessory that adds a completely new dimension to the Titan and Zeus range of spit roast machinery. Cooking using the Spit Roast kit only allows the user to cook either a full bodied pig or lamb, using the chicken spit attachment gives the user so much more variety and flexibility. By removing all the attachments from the spit pole the chicken spit can be slid onto the pole and firmly attached. This then allows the users to cook a variety of food products in a rotisserie style, chickens, strips of beef, turkeys, legs of lamb or pork all cooked to perfection. The chicken spit has 5 arms, each of which has a three prong pole to securely attach any food items for the duration of the cooking process. This means each arm can be added and removed independently of the others, great for serving and staggering the cooking process. The chicken spit works in a similar way to the spit roast kit in that it cooks in the base of the machine and once cooked it is lifted up onto the aerials where the carving tray can be slid underneath to carve on to. The chicken spit can accommodate up to 30 chickens great for cooking for large numbers and you can cook different meats on the accessory at the same time meaning you can give your customers or guests a choice. The chicken spit is made entirely from stainless steel meaning it not only look great but is durable, food safe and easy to clean.


1 x chicken spit main assembly
5 x 3 prong skewers
5 x r-clips
2 x 17mm screws

Please note that in order to use the chicken spit the user must have the Spit Roast kit i.e. a motor, pole and carving tray  
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