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Complete Hog Kit - Hogmaster

The complete hog kit is a great addition to the Hogmaster range of machinery. It allows the user to cook using the hog roast method rather than spit roasting that uses the motor and pole. The advantages of this are that firstly cooking using the hog roast method vastly increases the capacity of the machine, the hog roast tray can accommodate for a 70kg pig plus 4 extra boned and rolled joints at 20kg each allowing the user to cook for 300 people. Secondly the hog roast kit is easy to use and requires no expertise, as the pig doesn’t need spitting, which makes it a great option to hire out. Also the hog roast kit essentially turns the machine into a big oven which makes it great for cooking alternatives to pork, such as chickens, strips of beef, legs of lamb and jacket potatoes. Finally hog roast kit doesn’t require electricity unlike the spit roast kit meaning it can be used in even to most remote locations. The kit comes complete with hog tray that includes a sump plug and 2 hog brackets which allows the user to lift the tray to a serving height to carve from. All items are made from stainless steel which means the product not only looks great but is easy to clean.


1 x hog tray (with sump plug)
2 x hog brackets

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