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Complete Motor (Spit Version Only) - Titan/Zeus MK6 MTR-03

This commercial motor has been used on Spitting Pig machinery now for over 3 years, it has proven to be extremely reliable, robust and efficient. The motor comes complete with waterproof switch, coupling to attach to the pole, rubber star, and plug which is designed for a regular household 240v outlet. The motor has one speed of 6prm which we have found to be the perfect speed for spit roasting.  Made from steel the motor is hard wearing, waterproof and will withstand the knocks and bumps that come with the catering industry. However we do recommend that all users detach the motor from the machine base when in transit.


1 x Commercial motor (with switch, plug and coupling attached)
1 x rubber star
1 x Four prong bracket

Please note that this product does include the 4 prong motor bracket required to attach the motor to the base of the machine. If you require the old Male/Female bracket system then please order from our parts along with this motor. 
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