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Complete Spit Pole with Attachments (Spit Version Only) - Hogmaster SP-01b

A complete spit pole with all the attachments required to spit a full bodied pig or lamb. This package includes a full length spit pole with coupling attached. Also all the attachment needed to spit a pig or lamb are provided which includes 2 triangles, 2 u-bolts, 1 4pronger, 1 2pronger, 1 spit stop and 1 claw. Both the spit pole itself and all the attachments are made entirely of stainless steel which is food safe, durable and easy to clean. A lot of our customers purchase a separate spare spit pole with attachments as it allows them to have another pig or lamb prepared and ready to cook whilst the machine is in use. This vastly reduces the time needed to prepare the machine for cooking, great for cooking back to back spit roasts or if working on a busy weekend. All attachments come complete with 17mm screws to attach to the pole which is 25mm in diameter.


1 x spit pole
1 x pole coupling
2 x triangles
2 x u-bolts
1 x 4 pronger
1 x 2 pronger
1 x spit stop
1 x claw
8 x 17mm screws

Please note that a weight isn’t included in this package and this product requires a motor to use.

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