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Spit Conversion Kit - Titan/Zeus MK6 COM-17

A great addition to any Titan or Zeus Hog Roast machine the spit conversion kit allows the user to cook full bodied pigs or lambs in a truly spectacular fashion. The spit conversion kit rotates the meat over the two full length burners that run along each side of the machine. A traditional method of cooking that has been modernised for today’s spit roast caterer, cooking using the spit roast kit is sure to amaze your customer or guests. An extremely visual method of cooking that leaves the meat succulent and tender and the crackling extra crispy. The Spit Roast kit uses a motor and pole with all the attachments that cooks in the base of the machine, during the cooking process the meat can be monitored via the glass viewing window. Once cooked the doors of the machine can be removed and the spit can be raised onto the upright aerials acting as a fantastic centrepiece for any event. The carving tray can then be slid underneath the spit allowing the user to carve directly from the machine. The burners can be turned back on to keep any food items warm on the tray.


1 x spit pole with coupling
2 x triangles
2 x u-bolts
1 x 2 pronger
1 x 4 pronger
1 x claw
1 x spit stop
1 x complete motor (including switch, plug and coupling)
1 x motor bracket (either male and female, or four pin version)
1 x rubber star
1 x bearing kit

Please note depending on the age of the machine either a male/female or 4 pin version of the motor bracket will need to be supplied. To determine this look at the base of your machine at the opposite end to the gas box, if 4 vertical slits are present then a 4 pin version of the motor bracket is required. If two circular holes are present then both a male and female bracket is required. Please select the appropriate option below.
Motor Bracket Required
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Spit Conversion Kit - Titan/Zeus MK6 COM-17