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U-Bolt Spit Pole Attachment (Spit Version Only) - Titan/Zeus MK6 SPT-04a

The u-bolt spit attachment is an essential piece of equipment when using the Spit Roast accessory kit. Two are required to successfully spit roast a pig or lamb as they are used to hold the majority of the weight of the meat and guide the spit pole to ensure the pig or lamb is balanced correctly. One u-bolt is used at the neck end and the other at the rear. The u-bolt is pierce through the skin around the spine and the u-bolt plate is secured on the outside of the animal to ensure a tight fit with the two nuts provided. The fully stainless steel design means the product is not on durable but food safe and easy to clean. The u-bolt comes complete with a 17mm screw needed in order to secure the attachment to the spit pole. The u-bolt is designed to fit the Spitting Pig spit pole which is 25mm in diameter.


1 x u-bolt with plate
1 x 17mm screw
2 x nuts
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